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Willow Run - Thunder Overhead
Photo Credit: Mike Boening Photography via VisualHunt.com

Willow Run Airport

The Willow Run Airport is one of the largest international cargo airports in the Unites States. The airport boasts four runways, including cross wind runways and an ILS all-weather runway. There are also 24-hour Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) tower operations and 24-hour US Customs Service Monday-Friday.

  • 200 million pounds of cargo transported
  • $123 million economic impact
  • Brings 950 jobs to the region 



Along with the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, the Willow Run airport was recognized for Airport Rescue and Fire Safety in Excellence. In the U.S., these independent airport authorities are the only ones to receive this distinction (Wayne County Airport Authority, 2016).

In 2010, Willow Run was awarded the “All Cargo Airport of the Year” (Internationalairportreview.com). This award is voted on by the supply chain professionals.


Willow Run was developed in 1941 by Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford, who built a bomber facility on a portion of the 2,600 acres. During World War II, it was used to manufacture the “Liberator” bombers.  After WWII, Willow run was transformed into a passenger terminal and in 1947 The University of Michigan purchased it. In 1966, Willow Run was converted to a cargo, executive aviation, and general aviation airport. The University of Michigan sold the airport to Wayne County in 1977 and it is now one of the largest cargo airports in the country (Willowrunairport.com).